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My Treatment Goals For You


 My Treatment Goals For You:

As someone who was a chronic pain client myself for years, I do not accept anything as permanent for myself.  The fact that I have high expectations of what I know my own body is capable of, is how I found out about these wonderful therapies that I offer.  None of it is anything that I learned in massage school.  It is under the scope of body work, but is is all stuff that I have learned in continuing education.  I receive the same therapies that I offer.  I go monthly, whether I am feeling bad or not.  The person who works on me always finds something that could have turned into something.

I have the same high expectations when I work with clients.  I do realize everyone is different and everyone's best is going to be different.  However, if you tell me that you have something that is permanent that will never heal, I am going to take that as a challenge.  I cannot guarantee that I can make it better, but I'm going to try. 

When I work with you, my goal for you isn't just to get you out of pain and moving better.  I am a big picture person.  My goal for you, is to keep you out of pain and moving better as much as possible.  We all live repetitive lifestyles.  Even when we are feeling better, the body has the beautiful ability to compensate at all times.  That's how we stay moving.  The skeleton in a living body constantly changes.  This does not mean we are doomed to lifelong pain.  What it does mean, is that there are numerous ways of getting out of pain and staying out of pain. 

When I work with new people who have chronic long term pain, we start out with a minimum of 3 sessions.  You know after a minimum of 3 whether or not the treatments are helping.  3 is enough to see if they are helping.  4-6 treatments, one treatment a week, is typically what is really needed all together when first starting out. .  4-6 includes the initial 3 that you start off with.  I recommend monthly sessions for maintenance/prevention once you are out of pain and moving better.  Maintenance/prevention sessions are often the best.  That's often where I find the most interesting stuff that can go unnoticed while working to get you out of pain.  It's the dessert after the meal!  The reason this can happen, is because we can have dysfunction without knowing it and without pain.  It can take months to years for a dysfunctional pattern to turn into obvious pain.  When your body is comfortable with a dysfunction, that means you are not in noticeable pain.  When that happens, more dysfunction continues to happen and then you do eventually rust and that is when things can become permanent.  Permanent!  I hate that word!  My goal for you is to hopefully keep you from getting there.  My goal for you is to avoid the P word if at all possible. 

Also, expect self care suggestions from me, if I know of any for your situation.  I also know many other alternative healthcare providers in the area, so expect the possibility of referrals.  If what you are seeing me for in chronic and long term, do not expect one therapist or alternative healthcare provider to be all that you need.  Do you want to know how many people I see monthly for maintenance/prevention?  Three!!!!  I see a craniosacral therapist, a LMT for Voila/Neurokinetic Therapy and a chiropractor who focuses on muscle function.  I also workout 4-5 days a week in order to maintain what I gain, so that I don't have to spend more money to go more often. 

Everyone's body is different.  If I suggest something to you that you know isn't right for you, that's OK.  I do expect you to find something that is.  90% of results of therapeutic sessions are what you are doing on your own from home.  If you do not plan on doing any self care in between sessions, your results will not hold, no matter how great you walk out of my office feeling.  What that self care is, is different per person.  I have clients who work out regularly and some who wish they could and are coming to me hoping to be able to get back into it again.  If you are sedentary with no plans on being active then sorry, I can't help you.  I wish I knew of other alternatives other than staying active, but I just don't know of any.  All I do know, is that the body is meant to move.  This does not have to mean a long, hard and sweaty workout.  There are numerous ways of getting in natural movement, regardless of whether or not working out is your thing.  I just don't want your body to get used to the same position for too long.


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