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Rapid Adhesion Release Technique

Rapid Adhesion Release Technique is the primary tool that I use to treat what I find in my neurokinetic therapy assessments. Rapid involves movement on the part of the client in order for the adhesion to release, similar to ART.  The people who teach Rapid are trained in ART and put their own spin on it.

An adhesion is any disorganized tissue in the body that directly or indirectly causes dysfunction or pain.  When I feel the soft tissue, adhesions feel to me like gristle instead of the knots that trigger points feel like. 

Releasing adhesions gets rid of pain and dysfunction at the level of what is called the mechanoreceptors in the fascia.  Traditional myofascial release as you already know it, releases the superficial fascia that surrounds the muscles.  Rapid releases the deep fascia that surrounds the bones. 

By working at the level of the mechanoreceptors, clients are experiencing more symptom relief and better motor control than they have with traditional deep tissue work such as neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy and superficial myofascial release.  If you think of a totem pole, the mechoreceptors are higher up on the totem pole than muscular fascia and muscles when it comes to long term pain relief.

With Rapid, I am also able to release ligaments.  Restricted ligaments alone can create pain and dysfunction, nerve entrapement and pull joints out of alignment.  I sometimes find them compensating for muscles in my neurokinetic therapy assessments. 

Symptoms of adhesions:

-Reduced range of motion

-Muscle weakness and tightness


-Nerve entrapments-numbness or tingling


Significant relief that people have experienced with Rapid can include:


-Arthritis-Rapid can relieve joint pain


-Plantar Fasciitis


-Shoulder pain and restricted range of motion

-Shin Splints

-Knee pain (rapid can work at the level of the knee capsules)



-Frozen Shoulder

-Carpal Tunnel

-Thoracic Outlet Symptoms (without the extra rib)

-Hand and Wrist Pain

-Shoulder Pain and restricted range of motion

-Neck Pain and restricted range of motion

The honest feedback that I have been given by clients ever since I started using Rapid, instead of working at the level of the muscles and superficial fascia, is that they are getting more symptom relief and better motor control and the results are lasting longer. 

Just to give you a general idea of how well I like Rapid, I threw away all of my old techniques books, trigger point therapy charts and books from school.

This is a fully clothed treatment.  Shorts or yoga pants are best.  My fingers slip on regular pants such as slacks and jeans.

Some examples of success stories:

-Two people with plantar fasciitis were completely pain free.  They needed multiple modalities, including the support that energy work provides to get there.  They both said they had tried almost everything else prior to seeing me without success.

-A knee client was no longer a knee client.  Prior to learning Rapid, we were still making a lot of progress with Voila and Neurokinetic Therapy.  Rapid finished off where the other techniques left off.

-As a professionally trained musician, I had right hand, wrist and thumb pain from playing the clarinet.  When I took my upper body Rapid course, I got some relief when the teacher worked directly in my thumb pad.  Later on that day, when he went to demo median nerve flossing (this is the nerve that is often irritated in carpal tunnel syndrome) I asked to be his demo for that.  I haven't felt my right thumb pain ever since he used that nerve flossing technique.  I have tried multiple techniques over the years and it always used to come back.

-A shoulder client stated that she got dramatic results after combining Rapid with Neurokinetic Therapy.  She went from not being able to lift patients and barely being able to put on her bra to feeling full function restore by the next day.  She was too excited to wait until her next appointment to tell me and sent me a long e-mail about it.

-A frozen shoulder client regained significant range of motion and said that her shoulder feels less sticky.

-Having Rapid on done on my shoulder blade area is the very first time that someone has been able to get into the deep areas of my shoulder that has been tight for years.


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