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Styles of Body Work I offer:

Voila for Structural Joint Balancing:

This is a combination of muscle testing and energy work.  The premise of Voila is that muscular pain is secondary and can't stay away long term unless the structure is corrected first.  Voila can quickly and efficiently find the dysfunction behind the pain.  All pain relief sessions start out with a Voila assessment.  This can be often combined with neurokinetic therapy.  A minimum of 60 minutes is booked and charged, even though this is a quick assessment that may take less than 60 minutes.  This allows us to not be rushed. 


Neurokinetic Therapy:

This is muscle testing to determine why a muscle is tight, instead of rubbing on a sore spot that may not be the problem. Neurokinetic therapy tests the brain and nervous system, to find a muscular connection.  Ever know that one person who gets a massage every week but is still tight and in pain?  That's because tight muscles may not be the direct cause. Neurokinetic therapy does not test muscle strength, it tests muscle function. When a muscle tests as not functioning, I test other muscles to look the compensating muscle.  I work on the compensating muscle to get the non functioning muscle, functioning.  Works directly with the brain to correct dysfunctional movement patterns.  Dysfunctional movement patterns are ruled by the nervous system.  Tight muscles are a symptom, rather than a cause. This is a very common cause of pain and dysfunction.  Before learning neurokinetic therapy, many of my clients were seeing me for the same stuff over and over again, because that is what can happen when you work directly on a non functioning muscle.  A non functioning muscle is unable to hold its new position when worked on directly, then that can spiral into more muscles trying to compensate for it, which can result in more pain and dysfunction (this has been my personal experience as a chronic pain client). I combine the other techniques listed below, to treat what I find in the muscle testing.  This is a fully clothed treatment, so dress comfortably.  All pain relief sessions start out with a Voila assessment.

Neuromuscular Therapy:

This is a therapeutic style of massage that I offer that is helpful with pain relief.  This is used to treat what I find during neurokinetic therapy assessment. This is often done with light energy work such as reiki.  I only work directly on the muscles themselves when necessary. Neuromuscular therapy gets rid of the knots (trigger points) in our muscles that can be caused by stress, poor posture, repetitive stress, etc.  When our muscles develop these knots, they can get tight and impinge on our nerves causing pain, tingling and numbness.  When left ignored, the knots continue to grow, multiply and can eventually cause the joints to pull out of alignment causing more pain, dysfunction and restricted range of motion.  Knots in the muscles can aggravate carpal tunnel, headaches, hip alignment and more.

Myofascial Release:

The connective tissue that surrounds our muscles (fascia) often gets tight and causes pain and restriction.  This is used to treat what I find during neurokinetic therapy assessment. Myofascial release is gentle stretching that can loosen up that connective tissue.  Tight fascia can cause the joints of the body to become misaligned.  This is combined with neuromuscular therapy to help relieve pain.  Tight fascia can feel like shrink wrap that can cause pain and misalignment.  Stretching fasica is different than stretching muscle.  Fascial stretches are held at least a few minutes each in order to release.  I recommend keeping this in mind when making a decision about the length of your session.  Fascia is our saran wrap that causes postural distortion when tight.  Tight fascia is common in plantar fasciitis.  Tight fascia in the feet can also affect back pain and hip alignment.


Reiki is a light and gentle form of body work that works with you on an energetic level. When you hear people talk about Reiki or energy, they are talking about the chi that flows through us. Chi is energy. If you have heard of Qigong or Tai Chi, both of them also work with our chi to keep it flowing freely. It is quite common to have our chi stuck for various reasons whether it be because of being emotionally upset or because of trauma or illness. Any areas of our mind, body and spirit can become stagnant. Reiki is a Japanese laying of hands that was brought over to the United States. When you get a Reiki session, it is usually done fully clothed, unless combined with massage, on a massage table. The practitioner just puts their hands lightly on you while the Reiki energy from their hands flows through you is a very deep and healing way. The best word I can think of that I feel when I receive Reiki is "love". Reiki is experienced differently from person to person. Some people have reported a heightened sense of relaxation and pain relief. The most memorable Reiki session was on someone who was experiencing four different type of headaches at once. None of the symptoms she described made sense physically, so we decided to try the Reiki to see what would happen. Since Reiki helps us to heal at the core, she went back to a traumatic event that happened to her when she was four years old. After the treatment, she reported that all of her headaches were gone and have not been back. Another time that I had worked on the same person, she said that it got rid of a back pain that she'd had for over a year and it has not returned either. Everyone's experience will be different, and with any healing modality, not everyone's symptoms are there for the same reason.

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Craniosacral Therapy:

Craniosacral therapy is a very light gentle touch therapy used with pressure no heavier than the weight of a nickel to work with your central nervous system, your craniosacral rhythm, your cerebral spinal fluid and the membranes that surround your brain and spinal cord. What does this mean for you? The central nervous system or (CNS) for short effects every other system in our bodies. The craniosacral system has such a strong impact on the CNS, that if the craniosacral rhythm is out of sync, it can throw off your CNS. Our bodies remember every stress or trauma that has ever happened in our lives. The memories of that stress and trauma can throw off our CNS and cause problems in other areas of our bodies. There is not a single system in our body that is not affected by the craniosacral system. Craniosacral therapy can help us to heal imbalances physically, mentally and emotionally. It has helped with pain and injuries, autism, ADHD, migraines and many other conditions. The first time that I had craniosacral therapy done to me, it realigned my back. Some craniosacral therapy success stories in my own clients have been remarkable as well. Some people have said that it realigned their pelvis. Misaligned pelvis usually means a leg length difference due to one hip being higher than the other, which is very common in most people and can sometimes cause pain in other areas of our body such as low back, shoulder, neck, etc. One person whose pelvis was reset from craniosacral therapy works in a physical therapy clinic and said that it felt like it was reset by another therapist in her clinic. Another person with TMJ said that she had less pain, her jaw stopped clicking and that she could feel that the alignment moved for the better despite how gentle the work is. Craniosacaral therapy works with your body so it can self correct on its own, nothing is ever forced..

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Meridian Tapping:

A simple technique using your fingers to tap on acupuncture points while picturing a negative event in your life.  It has been effective in reversing the effects that negative stress and trauma can have on chronic pain.  Can be booked as a stand alone treatment or combined with neurokinetic therapy and Voila.  This is done seated in a chair.

Prices below already have tax included!  A Prescription for massage therapy from a doctor that I can keep on file, makes you sales tax exempt.  Each script is good for one year from the date that it is written.  Without tax is $85 for 60 minutes and $110 for 90 minutes. 

New Clients: All new clients invest in a minimum of 3 sessions. This allows you to get worked on consistently enough to make an informed decision about effectiveness of trying out a new treatment.  Sessions should ideally be once a week for 3 weeks in a row.  If my schedule or yours doesn't allow every single week for 3 weeks in a row, we can discuss options that still allow you to get consistent work. Note: Those who are NOT doing once a week for 3 weeks in a row are NOT getting the results, due to the amount of consistency that it takes to treat an old injury.  Also, getting in once a week for 3 weeks on a row on a Saturday takes pre planning on your part, since I rarely have 3 of them in a row within the present month. 60 minute 3 packs are $274.12 with tax included.  $255 if you have a massage prescription.  90 minute 3 packs are $354.72 with tax included.  $330 if you have a massage prescription.  It takes consistency, to make an informed decision about whether or not a new treatment is going to be effective for you.  Only doing it once and waiting to see how you feel afterward does not tell your body what you need to know, since getting your body used to something new and different takes time.  This does not mean that you will only need 3 sessions.  It means that you should know after a minimum of 3 whether or not the treatments are helping. It typically takes 4-6 treatments, one treatment a week, in order to get the kind of results that will make it worth your while to come.  If it is, then we keep working from there. Once you are maintenance, then once a month is best in order to maintain your results.  3 packs must be purchased at the first appointment and are non refundable!  If you are unsure what length of session that you want your 2nd and 3rd session to be, we can talk about it after your first appointment, before you pay.  If your first session was 60 minutes, but you realized it was too short and want 2 and 3 to be 90 minutes, or your first session was 90 minutes, but it went well enough for 2 and 3 to only need 60 minutes, I can customize it for you when you go to pay :)  This is meant to help YOU! All three packs are per person and may NOT be shared!

Frequent Flyer Discount Program: Once your new client 3 pack has been used up, you are a regular client.  Regular clients who re-book their next appointment for 4 weeks out or less while they are at my office and keep their original appointment will receive $10 off of their next session.  60 minutes is $80.62 with tax included, $75 if you have a massage prescription.  90 minutes is $107.50 with tax included, $100 of you have a massage prescription.  If you need to reschedule that appointment, it goes back up to my regular rate of $91.38 for 60 minutes, $85 if you have a massage prescription and $118.25 for 90 minutes with tax included or $110 if you have a massage prescription.  The extra $10 for rescheduling just acts as a rescheduling fee since filling canceled spots can be tricky. This re-booking discount program is a celebration of my own health!  I see 3 different people once a month for maintenance.  I see another LMT for Voila/Neurokinetic Therapy, my chiropractor and a craniosacral therapist.  I go like clockwork whether I have obvious pain or not.  They always find something that could have turned into something big later on down the road.  Years ago, I used to only go if I was in obvious pain.  It would always turn out worse than I thought and I would have to go once a week for while just to bounce back.  That cost me WAY more money than the way that I am doing it now.  As someone who has walked the hell of rehabbing, I don't recommend staying stuck in that loop if at all possible.  These once a month appointments that I receive now that I am maintenance and the self care that I do in between appointments are why I can now do things again that I thought I would NEVER be able to do.  I am pain free.  I feel strong as an ox, more so than when I was much younger.  This was all gradual once I was once a month maintenance.  The rehabbing part has it's own challenges.  That is the phase where self care can be tricky if you have limitations on what you can and cannot do with self care, in order to not injure yourself further.  The more time that went by for me while doing maintenance, the less limitations that I have, but I still ALWAYS listen to my body.  Also, remember the tortoise and the rabbit.  It took me years of trying different therapists and different therapies to get where I am at today.  Note: No shows and appointments that are canceled with less than a 48 hour notice are charged my full rates, not the discounted rates.  Also, if I find it necessary to go over your allotted time, I charge my regular full rate.  I like to make sure you are OK to walk out of there before you leave :)




Craniosacral $91.38 / 60 minutes
Integrative Manual Therapy$91.38 / 60 minutes
Integrative Manual Therapy$118.25 / 90 minutes
Reiki$91.38 / 60 minutes
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