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Prices below already have tax included!  

New Clients: All new clients invest in a minimum of 3 sessions. This allows you to get worked on consistently enough to make an informed decision about effectiveness of trying out a new treatment.  Sessions should ideally be once a week for 3 weeks in a row, in order to get the consistency that will make the treatments the most effective.  60 minute 3 packs are $306.38 with tax included.  90 minute 3 packs are $387.00 with tax included. It takes consistency, to make an informed decision about whether or not a new treatment is going to be effective for you.  Only doing it once and waiting to see how you feel afterward does not tell your body what you need to know, since getting your body used to something new and different takes time.  This does not mean that you will only need 3 sessions.  It means that you should know after a minimum of 3 whether or not the treatments are helping. It typically takes 4-6 treatments, one treatment a week, in order to get the kind of results that will make it worth your while to come.  If it is, then we keep working from there.  Once your new client 3 pack is used up, sessions are charged individually. Prices on individual sessions are lower for regular clients, in order for keeping up on regular sessions to be more affordable.  See Frequent Flyer Savings program below. 3 packs must be purchased at the first appointment and are non refundable!  All three packs are per person and may NOT be shared! Length of sessions on new client 3 packs are decided by me, based on your health history.  This allows me to give you my best.

Frequent Flyer Savings Program: I understand what it is like to need a lot of care in a short period of time and have to ask your wallet for permission.  I have my pricing structure set up so that the more care you need, the more money you save.  A third of the 60 minute 3 packs are $95, $102.12 with tax and a third of the 90 minute 3 packs are $120 a session, $129.  Once your 3 pack is used up, regular 60 minute rate is $85 a session, $91.38 with tax and regular rate for the 90 minutes is $110, $118.25 with tax.  Regular clients who re-book their next appointment for 4 weeks out or less while they are at my office and keep their original appointment and show up on time will receive $10 off of the $85 and $110 rates.  60 minutes is $80.62 with tax included.  90 minutes is $107.50 with tax included.  If you need to reschedule that appointment, it goes back up to my regular rate of $91.38 for 60 minutes. and $118.25 for 90 minutes with tax included.

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