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Free and Donation Based Pain Relief

If you are into tapping on acupuncture points for stress relief (more information about tapping on my page Energy Therapies)

I administer a "Tapping for Pain Relief" group on Facebook where we share books, resources, YouTube videos, live videos from me and to ask questions and share experiences.  If you want to ask a question in the group about a specific pain, I can do my best to give you tapping ideas or direct you to recommended resources.  Tapping is not a substitution for for psychotherapy or counseling.  This is tapping on acupuncture points for stress relief.  Link to the Facebook group: Tapping for Pain Relief

I also run an in person gathering one Sunday a month.  In this gathering, I will pick participants to give one specific pain for us all to tap on together as a group and then on to the next person and so on.  Even if you don't think you relate to the other person's topic, you may notice a significant reduction in stress after tapping along.  The group benefit is called "borrowing benefits" and it can be very helpful.  The next gathering is scheduled Sunday December 9th from 1pm-3pm.  Suggested donation is $20 per person, but not required in order to attend.  The address to the event is available at the meet up link.  RSVP on the meet up link if you are coming since there is limited seating.  Here is the meet up link: Tapping for Pain Relief Gathering

Here is the link for theFacebook event for the November 11th gathering: Tapping for Pain Relief Facebook Event

Why I am offering this

I want to bring back sense of community.  I have heard many people express big scary medical bills, even after insurance has covered everything it is going to in mainstream medicine and how expensive alternative care is from services to products such as supplements, essential oils, etc.  When I get invited to attend a group gathering, more often than not, I am invited by someone who doesn't know me, who is just trying to fill their pockets with another warm body who can sign a check.  It's agenda based and attached to their business.  The rate is usually something around $45-$65 per person for only an hour and a half of the facilitator's time.  It seemed like these types of gatherings and expensive retreats have been becoming the only option for gatherings anymore.   I decided to stop complaining and be the change.  When I first started on this path years ago, gatherings that were free or donation based were the norm and the gatherings were fun and felt like a warm sense of community. In addition to the once a month public meet up, I am also available for private home gatherings for the same $20 per person suggested donation.

Why Group Tapping?

Of all of the methods that I am trained in, when I work with clients one on one, I have noticed that people who respond to tapping are getting the most long term relief.  They eventually graduate to never coming back or coming back once every so many months for a tune up.  Now, like any other method, not everyone responds to tapping, but a lot of people do.  All it is, is tapping on acupuncture points for stress relief.  That's it!  When past stressful events get trapped in the limbic system of our brain and nervous system, it's like trying to drive a car without any gas in it.  If you have something caught in there, it can keep you from moving forward and prevent manual therapy and other therapies from working.   It is a very easy method that can be done anywhere, anytime.  This doesn't necessarily mean tapping will give you everything you need.  The people that I saw speedy results with were getting a combination of energy work and manual therapy in their sessions with me.  These group sessions can either be a compliment to other therapies you are doing or better than nothing for those who can't afford anything else.  My goal for these group sessions is to not price anyone out.  Pain relief should be available to all!  I never want money to be what stops you from coming.  I also created that Facebook group for those who can't make in person groups sessions or who want to be in both.  The link for the Facebook group is in the first paragraph of this page.

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