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Low Cost Consultations

Consultations and options for follow up treatment               

Do you want to sample my work prior to committing to a 3 pack?  Or are you the budget minded type who needs pain relief without the commitment of the 3 pack? 

Despite how much I love the therapies that I offer, nothing works for 100% of the population.  This gives you the opportunity to sample it at a very low cost.

The consultations are your opportunity for a demo to see if these therapies are right for you.

Consultations include a 15 minute demo of Voila Method and/or Rapid NeuroFascial Re-set for $32.25 per person (price already has tax included).  The sessions are pre scheduled by no later than the day before.  Office hours are 11am-6pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and 11am-3pm Saturdays.

I block 15 minutes in between each person for question and answer, so you are getting 30 minutes of my time.

Treatments are done fully clothed.  Yoga pants or shorts must be worn in order for me to be able to release adhesions.

Voila Method and Rapid NeuroFascial Reset are both fast and effective techniques for long term pain relief.  Both therapies have helped me crack some difficult cases. 

Examples of what Voila Method can do for you, click here: Voila Method

Examples of what Rapid NeuroFascial Reset  can do for you, click here: Rapid NeuroFascial Reset

Consultations are not required prior to committing to a new client 3 pack. 

Options for follow up care after your consultation:

1) Those who schedule their new client 3 pack while at their consultation before leaving will receive a $30 discount on their new client 3 pack.  That allows you to apply the $30 fee for the consultation toward your initial 3 appointments with me. The regular rate on the new client 3 pack is is $306.38 with tax included.  The discounted consultation new client 3 pack rate is $274.12 with tax included. The 60 minute sessions allow me to give you a more in depth evaluation and treatment with muscle testing as well as being able to combine multiple techniques for the most thorough treatment possible, in order to get you where you need to get going.  I use a lot of craniosacral therapy in most of my treatment sessions when they are 60 minutes.  This also allows enough time for any reiki or tapping. This is the best value for long term pain and injuries and for those seeking a thorough evaluation and for those who have multiple issues going on. Information about the new client 3 packs and frequent flyer saving program available be clicking Services and Rates

2) Are you the budget minded type who is unable to commit to a 3 pack?  Are you satisfied with quick treatments of Voila Method/Rapid NeuroFascial Reset. You may schedule 30 minute follow ups for $64.50 (price includes tax) as long as they are scheduled no more than a week apart from each other, with the first one starting a week after your consultation that you attended, in order to get consistent work. This is because NOT getting consistent work is more work for me than what I can do in 30 minutes and allows the consistency that it takes to make a difference.  No minimum session requirement but you must have a consultation first in order to determine if this is the right fit for you.  The 30 minute time slots do NOT qualify for the frequent flyer savings program mentioned on my Services and Rates page.



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