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Experiencing pain from traumatic and repetitive stress injuries?  You have come to the right place.  Through the use of neurokinetic therapyneuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, reikimeridian tapping and craniosacral therapy, you can get back to doing the activities that you love! These various techniques can help chronic pain and dysfunction.

Treatments are tailored to your needs.  Various techniques can be combined to achieve desired results.

All pain relief sessions are done with proper neurokinetic therapy assessment.  This tells me why certain muscles are tight, by showing me dysfunction patterns.  This is a fully clothed session, focused on rehabilitation massage.   New client neuorokinetic therapy evaluations take 90 minutes.

Neurokinetic therapy works with the brain and nervous system to find out why the muscle is tight.  Massaging or stretching a tight muscle, without knowing why it is tight, can make the problem worse and can create dependency with the problem coming right back. 

Excellence is achieved through updated skills with experience and continuing education.

Integration of different techniques are used to obtain the best possible results. I take the whole person approach, since the physical, mental and emotional are all connected, with the use of soft tissue techniques and energy work such as reiki, craniosacral therapy and meridian tapping.

Self care education is provided.  This can help the treatment progression.

Treatments are designed with long term results as a goal, not dependency.

Did you know that seeing a massage therapist for the same symptoms over and over again is NOT normal?  If something keeps coming back, you're treating the symptoms, not the cause.  Working on dysfunctional muscles, can cause the same symptoms to come back, no matter how many massages you have had.  Neurokinetic therapy looks for the source of dysfunction, to create long term results.







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