Christine Baker, LMT, NKT
Specializing in Chronic Pain Relief and Movement Dysfunction

Are you looking for a long term solution to your chronic pain?

Did you know, as of this writing, that studies show that chronic pain costs the U.S. up to $635 billion?

Did you know that massaging a tight muscle, without knowing why it's tight, might only create short term results?

I have a possible solution for long term pain relief with Voila/Neurokinetic Therapy combo.

Why come to me?  I have a lot of experience as a past chronic pain client and what I have seen in my office.  I go beyond traditional massage by learning techniques that have given both myself and my clients the best long term results that I can find.

Integrity: Treatments are designed with long term results as a goal.

Did you know that seeing a massage therapist for the same symptoms over and over again is NOT normal?  If the same symptoms return over many treatments, your treatments are NOT working.

Voila for Structural Balancing and Neurokinetic Therapy go beyond traditional massage by looking for the dysfunction that is causing aches, pain and overall feeling of imbalance.

Voila for Structural Balancing and Neurokinetic Therapy have their own page on this site for more detailed descriptions.  I encourage you to do your homework when making informed treatment decisions.









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