Christine Baker, LMT, NKT
Specializing in Chronic Pain Relief and Movement Dysfunction

Are you looking for a long term solution to your chronic pain that won't cost you thousands of $$$$?

Did you know, as of this writing, that studies show that chronic pain costs the U.S. up to $635 billion?

Did you know that massaging a tight muscle, without knowing why it's tight, might only create short term results?

I have a possible solution for long term pain relief with Voila/Neurokinetic Therapy combo.

I help clients achieve a long term solution to their chronic pain by looking for the cause of their chronic pain, rather than masking it with a temporary solution. Voila and neurokinetic therapy assess where the problem is really coming from and can help achieve long term results where traditional massage can often fail.  I have not had any luck with the traditional approach to soft tissue work personally or professionally.  I have always seen the problem come right back.  My approach to pain relief is no nonsense! 

My specialties are repetitive stress injuries and hip and pelvic floor dysfunction.  I have personally experienced the disappearance of incontinence when I received Voila and neurokinetic therapy.  

Voila for Structural Balancing and Neurokinetic Therapy have their own page on this site for more detailed descriptions.  I encourage you to do your homework when making informed treatment decisions.

These treatments are NOT a massage.  You are fully clothed and we do spend time talking and taking assessment. Wear play clothes!









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