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Prices below already have tax included!

New Clients and regulars I haven't seen in over 6 months: All new clients and regulars I haven't seen in over 6 months invest in a minimum of 3 sessions. This is because there will be more to clean up than what can be accomplished in one session. Due to the rehabilitative nature of these therapies, it takes consistency to get real results.  This allows you to get worked on consistently enough to make an informed decision about effectiveness of trying out a new treatment.  Sessions should ideally be once a week for 3 weeks in a row, in order to get the consistency that will make the treatments the most effective.  60 minute 3 packs are $419.25 with tax included.  $390 without tax if you have a prescription for massage therapy.  It takes consistency, to make an informed decision about whether or not a new treatment is going to be effective for you.  Only doing it once and waiting to see how you feel afterward does not tell your body what you need to know, since getting your body used to something new and different takes time.  This does not mean that you will only need 3 sessions.  It means that you should know after a minimum of 3 whether or not the treatments are helping. It typically takes 4-6 treatments, one treatment a week, in order to get the kind of results that will make it worth your while to come.  If it is, then we keep working from there.  Once your new client 3 pack is used up, sessions are charged individually.  3 packs must be purchased at the first appointment and are non refundable!  All three packs are per person and may NOT be shared! Individual sessions are $130 plus sales tax, which comes to $139.75

Note: I am private pay and do NOT work with insurance or workman's comp and I do NOT provide itemized invoices for reimbursements.  Email receipts from Square showing that you paid, is all I provide.  Those emails from Square do NOT detail services received.  



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