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Energy Work

Energetic work can include one or a combination of reiki and craniosacral therapy.  Reiki works with your "chi" energy to balance your energy.  Craniosacral therapy works directly with your central nervous system for pain and stress relief. Much of our physical pain starts at the stress levels.  Reiki can reach us on the stress levels, which is much deeper than the physical level.

Reiki Drumming™ is drumming infused with reiki.  Sound healing helps break up stagnant energy.  Combining that with reiki, helps to keep the healing gentle and less likely to have a healing crisis.  I read an article in the reiki news magazine in 2006 written by the innovator of reiki drumming.  Him and his wife were in the mountains of Colorado.  His wife hurt her back and they were miles from the nearest chiropractor.  He did regular reiki first and it relaxed her muscles, but she was still hurt.  When he did reiki drumming, her low back spontaneously realigned.  This is not a substitute for regular medical care or therapy, since no one can predict the outcome of energy work  The practitioner is never in control of results.   The article is what got me interested in learning reiki drumming.  


Shamanic Reiki combines reiki and shamanic healing.  Out of all of the energy work I have received myself and did with clients, shamanic reiki has been the most powerful and goes the deepest.  While it is NOT a substitute for medical care, counseling or psychotherapy (many of my shamanic reiki clients are under the care of a doctor or talk therapist) it has helped get to the root of some tough cases and is finally getting people some much needed long term relief that they were not finding from anywhere else.  Sometimes people do experience odd unexplained physical symptoms that have not shown up on medical exams with their doctors.  Shamanic reiki explores removing blocked energy in ways that can be more powerful and faster than traditional hands on reiki.  With Shamanic reiki, I will often take someone on a guided journey and empower you to do your own healing work on the guided journey.  I do not remove anything for you.  You make your own decisions to do it on your own.  Some of these guided journeys can involve taking a guided tour to explore unbeneficial cords, energetic intrusions, past life tours, blowing what no longer serves you anymore into a rock after a guided journey on finding everything that went into what no longer serves you anymore, shapeshifting past events and preventing soul loss.  Shamanic reiki is powerful and a healing crisis afterward is possible.  I took my shamanic reiki training with Shamanic Reiki Worldwide

Usui/Holy Fire III® Reiki and Holy Fire III® Karuna Reiki®:
(registered service marks of William Lee Rand)

The usui holy fire energy feels like like a deeper form of healing and more gentle type of healing than traditional usui reiki.  A healing crisis, where you could feel worse before you feel better, is rare with the holy fire energy.

The holy fire karuna reiki is a compassionate and gentle and powerful energy.  It has the potential to go directly to a source of needed healing with laser focus.  The energy is powerful and gentle.  It bypasses the need to re-experience and re-live past memories in order to heal.  A healing crisis is also extremely rare. No need to remember specific events in your life in order for holy fire karuna reiki to be able to laser focus on what is needed.

I took my level I, level II, usui master and karuna master classes with The International Center for Reiki Training

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Craniosacral Therapy:

Craniosacral therapy is a very light gentle touch therapy used with pressure no heavier than the weight of a nickel to work with your central nervous system, your craniosacral rhythm, your cerebral spinal fluid and the membranes that surround your brain and spinal cord. What does this mean for you? The central nervous system or (CNS) for short effects every other system in our bodies. The craniosacral system has such a strong impact on the CNS, that if the craniosacral rhythm is out of sync, it can throw off your CNS. Our bodies remember every stress or trauma that has ever happened in our lives.

Conditions that Craniosacral Therapy can help includes, but not limited to:

-Orthopedic conditions


-Central Nervous System Disorders

-Soft tissue restrictions from accidents, surgeries and repetitive stress

-Traumatic brain injury


-Teeth grinding



I have also had advanced specialized craniosacral therapy for the brain.  I use intention to unwind tissues of different areas of the brain that regulate body functions that can affect concussions, traumatic brain injury, sleep, body temperature regulation, pain, balance, posture, memory and learning, muscle weakness, coordination, depression, schizophrenia, fight or flight, hormone balance and many other benefits.  This specialized brain work is not a cure and is not a substitute for medical help. 

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