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FAQ's About My Unique Approach To Pain Relief

Is this a massage?

This is NOT a full body massage.  I use clinical assessments that direct me to the exact area that needs worked on and work on the areas the assessment takes me.  Much more direct work than a massage.  Assessments can help me to work on multiple areas in one session, as time allows.  When I used to do traditional massage, there was only time to focus on one area of the body during an entire session.  That has also been my experience as a client as well.

Do you offer massage?

I do not.  There are many wonderful massage therapists in Columbus, Ohio to choose from if that is the type of therapy that you are looking for.  While neurokinetic therapy does involve directly massaging muscle, it is more direct.  I massage a certain muscle based on what the muscle testing shows me needs massaged.  This is a fully clothed treatment with evaluation as part of the entire treatment.  I do not offer under the blanket general massage.

Why did you stop offering massage?

I can't offer something that I don't believe in! I have never personally experienced long term relief from a massage.  Clients who were seeing me for massage were presenting with the same symptoms every single session.  Voila for structural joint balancing and neurokinetic therapy provide long term relief in ways that massage often fails.  If someone wants relaxation instead of pain relief, craniosacral therapy puts myself and my clients in a deeper state of relaxation than massage ever has.  Massage is also hard enough on my body to not be able to book as many clients as I am now able to book.  Anything that is hard on the body of the therapist will be recognized by your body as trauma.  Even if deep tissue work feels good to you, your body does NOT know the difference.

Do You Offer Gift Certificates?

I do not!  It is my opinion that making sure you are the right fit to be working with any therapist should be top priority.  With gift certificates, the business gets to keep the sale whether the gift certificate gets used or not.  I do not believe in this practice.  Some professional marketing people encourage therapists to only care about volume of gift certificate sales, without regard to whether or not they get used and most of them do go unused.  If you are thinking about buying massage gift certificates for a loved one from a therapist, make sure they love massages and make sure it is from a therapist they have been to before and love. 

Do You Have Online Scheduling?

Yes!  Established clients are provided with a link to my online scheduling software.  Again, it is my opinion that new people should always speak to their therapist before scheduling their first session.  Their therapist, not a receptionist, but THEIR therapist.  Some businesses do not offer this option, but I think it's extremely important to know who is going to touch you.  I make sure that what you are seeing me for is something that I treat.

Do I need to disrobe?

All of my sessions are fully clothed.  It is easier for me to assess you if I do not have to keep you properly draped.  Some assessments are while laying down on the table, some are seated and some are standing.  The position that aggravates your pain is important.  For example, if something only hurts while running, you are going to be going for short runs in between the therapies that I apply, so bring your running shoes.  If you have problems from playing the flute, bring your flute, etc.  We may not necessarily get that detailed in your first session, but it never hurts to bring it anyway.  You just never know :) 

What should I wear?

Play clothes that are easy for you to move around in.  Shorts or yoga pants are best.  My fingers slip on regular pants such as jeans and slacks.

Why do you offer these specific therapies and why these particular therapies?

I was a chronic pain client for years.  I know what it is like to spend many years and thousands of dollars on therapies that give results that may only last a day or two if I am lucky.  The stuff that I offer has improved my health to the point of feeling like I am aging in reverse.  The older I get, the better I feel.  I drive all the way to Dayton to see another LMT who does Voila and neurokinetic therapy.  You be the judge!

Do you bill insurance? 

I would have to charge twice as much if I did. They get to decide whether or not to pay me and how much to pay me and when.  The healthcare workers who do bill insurance have to stack their patients in order to pay overhead.  That's why they are always running late with a waiting room full of patients.  I work with everyone one on one for 60 minutes of hands on time with me :) They would never cover a therapy that looks for the source of pain if that source of pain is not where you say it hurts.  I am much cheaper in the long run for people who respond well to my therapies than many of the other traditional approaches out there.

May I submit a receipt to my insurance company for reimbursement?

Again, I would have to seriously inflate my rates since it still requires a lot of out of office time on the phones and paperwork.  Insurance companies require a state ID or social security number of the therapist.  I do not have a state ID and I do not give out my social security number.  Working with insurance companies is a service that I do not provide, in order to keep my rates reasonable and keep my focus on the individualized treatment plan that is right for you, without worrying about what the insurance companies will reimburse. 

Is it OK to still get massages while receiving treatment?

Seeing other therapists for massage, whether relaxation or deep tissue, always brought back pain and dysfunction that I had forgotten that I had.  The person that I see for Voila and neurokinetic therapy would always have to fix what they did.  The only thing that I care about is that you are moving forward, rather than backward.  You be the judge!  Check out my neurokinetic therapy page on the difference between massage and what I do if you want to know how it is possible to respond to massage in the manner that I did.  I have some clients who also feel they respond badly to massage and some who do both and see other therapists in addition to me. 

Are your therapies better than other styles of bodywork?

Better is subjective since everyone's body is so different.  Not everyone responds to the same therapies in the same way.  Voila for structural joint balancing and neurokinetic therapy have given myself and my clients long term relief in ways that massage never has.  Also, energy work can often get to deeper layers that often go unnoticed. I am able to combine energy work and manual therapy for customized treatments.

How do I know if I am a right fit to try your therapies?

I take the time to speak with you in order to determine whether or not we're a right fit to be working together.  Make sure you have time to answer a series of questions.  I want to know your history and I mean all of it.  I don't want just your physical symptoms.  I want to know what was going on in your life when you pain/injury occurred.  This is often over looked in a traditional pain clinic and can often be the root cause of the issue.  You will also be asked if you are open to energy work such as reiki, tapping and craniosacaral therapy.  Being willing to go down the rabbit hole of working with past trauma and stress is necessary in order for the two of us to be working together. This is not psychotherapy or counseling.  Some people just naturally have releases during body work sessions on their own, without the therapist willfully making it happen.  Also, if you believe that nothing works for your pain, you are going to prove yourself right every single time, no matter who you see. 

May I Schedule A Session For Someone Else?

I always speak directly to the person that the appointment is for, unless it's for a minor, and even then, I like the parents to have their kid's approval.  The reason why this is, is because it is important to me that the person the appointment is for is vested and really wants the appointment.  When people are coerced by friends or family members, it never goes well.

What if I don't believe in energy work?  What if it goes against my beliefs?

I have never seen anyone who feels that way walk out of my office with desired results. I prefer to treat where the problem is really coming from, rather than wasting your time and money by only treating symptoms. 

Are these therapies guaranteed to give me long term results?

Every body is different.  I never know how clients will respond to my therapies ahead of time. 

If I tell you my symptoms ahead of time, will you be able to tell me which of your therapies that I should expect from you?

I never know ahead of time what I think you will need until you come in.  Every treatment plan is individualized to the person.  This is the most ideal since I can have 3 different people presenting with carpal tunnel syndrome, but all 3 of their treatments could be completely different.  One could be coming from their neck, one could be coming from their big toe, one could be because of incontinence and I may need to see if I can get the pelvic floor functioning again, etc.  You get the picture :) I go where the assessments take me.  This also means that those trigger point therapy charts are not always accurate. 

How many sessions will I need?

All new clients who are seeing me for issues that are chronic and long term book a minimum of 3 sessions to start.  Where we go from there depends on what happens after your first 3 sessions.  My "services and rates" page explains how the new client 3 packs work down at the bottom of that page.  This does not mean that 3 sessions is all that you need.  What it does mean, is that you should know after a minimum of 3 whether or not the treatments are helping.  If the first 3 did help, plan on 4-6 treatments, one treatment a week total, including the initial 3.  After that, maintenance is once a month if you wish to be on a preventative program.

Why do I sometimes feel worse after my first session?  Why do the results of my first session sometimes only last a couple of days?

The body is resetting itself.  That takes a lot of energy on the part of your body.  Think of trying a new workout that your body is not used to.  Also, getting your body used to a treatment it is not used to doesn't always hold after one session.  There are rare instances that people don't always get noticeable results after their first session.  This is all a normal part of the process of any new therapy that you try.  There is no such thing as trying it only once and knowing from there whether or not you like it.  Do you tell your chiropractor or physical therapist that you are only coming once?

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