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About Christine

Christine Baker, Licensed Massage Therapist

I graduated from The American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, OH with honors and licensed since January 2010. I became interested in massage therapy as a result of repetitive stress injuries from being a college music major. I look for where the source of the pain is coming from through the use of neurokinetic therapy muscle testing and and Voila Method for evaluating structure..  I use the results to treat the pain and dysfunction with the use of Rapid Adhesion Relase Technique.  I use craniosacral therapy to decompress joints and Voila Method of structual joint balance.  I also use reiki or meridian tapping to remove stress that may keep the muscle from letting go.  This is a fully clothed treatment in order to re evaluate through out the session.  Expect to move around during the session and be asked for feedback through out the session. Comfortable pants such as yoga pants or shorts are needed for the treatment.  My fingers slip on regular pants such as slacks and jeans.

Here is my story:

I majored in music in college receiving a BA in music from Western Michigan University playing the clarinet. From the time that I started playing in the band at 12 years old, I ate, breathed and slept music. I practiced a minimum of a couple of hours a day, not because anyone made me, but because I really enjoyed it. When I entered college to major in music, the practice schedules got longer and I also played in several groups adding rehearsal times onto that. I started to develop pain in my right hand and wrist from the hours of playing a day, that I eventually got a clarinet neck strap by the end of college. When I graduated college, most of the jobs I had involved sitting at a desk 8 hours a day in front of the computer. This made the right wrist and hand situation even worse. I started to read up on anything that I could find about repetitive stress pain, musicians injuries and computer use injuries. The more I read up on these topics, I wanted to find out what career options would be available to me to help others who also have pain and injuries in a holistic way that would possibly eliminate the need for anything drastic. I started out majoring in physical therapy and decided that I prefer to work with people differently than in a physical therapy clinic. I changed over to massage therapy. In addition to massage therapy, I also learned reiki and craniosacral therapy based on what has helped me. The reiki helped me to heal at the core, meaning that any pain that was caused by emotional stress went away with the reiki. Before the reiki, anything that massage got rid of just came back. With craniosacral therapy, it is light gentle work used with pressure no heavier than the weight of a nickel. The first time that I had it done, it realigned the bones in my back. Craniosacral therapy works with the central nervous system to enhance the cerebral spinal fluid and membranes around the brain and spinal cord. No two people's experiences with any body work modality will be the same. I incorporate massage, reiki and craniosacral therapy in treatment sessions. 

I get a lot of feedback from people that I offer therapies they have never heard of.  This can create curiosity as to why this is.  It is because I know what it is like to try a lot of stuff with no long term relief.  The unusual stuff that I offer, that you have never heard of, gets myself and my clients more long term results than the more heard of traditional therapies.  This is why I am very alternative in my approach to pain relief and am very passionate about getting you the most long term relief that I possibly can.  I have been worked on by some of the best in my industry who have more experience and continuing education than I do.  But the truth is, their stuff just did not work for me.  I am always on the hunt for a different and better approach.  I do not screw around in my client sessions.  I start at the top of the totem pole and work my way down.  The totem pole that I am talking about is in regard to starting at what can be the most effective and then work my way to anything else that is needed as well.  For example, the limbic system, where we store old memories, stress and trauma, is the top of the totem pole.  This is addressed with reiki, craniosacral therapy or meridian tapping.  Many therapists will start at the bottom of the totem pole, such as massage, etc., out of fear of scaring off anyone who is not open to alternatives.  I don't have time for that and neither do you.  I do my best to make the most of your time that you are paying me for.  By starting at the top of the totem pole, the manual therapies that I offer are more likely to work.  If I waste your time by starting at the bottom of the totem pole first, then even these unique therapies may not work for you. I use the energy therapies for getting rid of pain only.  It is not a substitution for counseling or psychotherapy. 



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