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As someone who practices manual therapy and energy work, if I could pick my number one strength, it is being able to tell when self sabotage might be at play. Here are some possible examples:

1) You have tried everything without results

2) You have been seeing the same therapist or therapists every single week for years (it becomes enough of a habit to be a much looked forward to social gabfest) Unfortunately, their treatments are NOT working.

3) You immediately re-injure yourself when you start to improve

4) You immediately re-injure yourself right after your appointments

5) You immediately re-injure yourself after scheduling appointments

6) More sick or injured than usual during stressful times (if you find yourself sick or injured enough around the holidays to the point of being hospitalized. Some people don't like their families and even those who do, find the work of the holidays too stressful) Being in the hospital gets you out of that trap.

7) When not getting better solves a problem such as getting you out of something you don't want to do.


8) You don't know who you would be without your pain. (Calling yourself a hot mess, etc.  What  are you telling your body about yourself?)


9) Not being able to come up with the time and/or money for professional help. Before you become triggered by this one, I have learned this one the hard way myself. When I am meant to see someone, it always works out for me. It has been my personal experience through self tapping that health and wealth are too intertwined to be separated since both represent self worth.


10) Being "insurance or bust" or "barter or bust".


11)  Making excuses, such as needing to "research" something natural and gentle.   It is understandable to want to research something that could cause harm.  If something is gentle enough for the worst that could happen is nothing, then the only way to know if it will work is to try it.


12) Ignoring suggestions from friends, family members and professionals.  Your well being affects everyone else around you.  If you're not OK, neither are they.


13)  Attachment to which therapies a therapist can use on you and which ones they cannot.


14)  Giving yourself a timeline by making up your mind ahead of time that you are only going to see a new professional once.  Seriously, that is like flushing money down the toilet.


15)  Not being open to energy work.  Being open to anything and everything, no matter what it is or what it is called, makes it easier to help you.



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