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Voila Method-Structural Joint Balancing

Voila is a combination of muscle testing and energy work.  Most of it is gentle like craniosacral therapy.  The premise of Voila Method is that muscular aches and pain are secondary and balancing the structure can often help the muscular aches and pain go away.  Loss of equilibrium can often cause secondary muscular aches and pains.  Voila Method works with the body's electrical system and craniosacaral pumps.  This trumps anything going on with the muscles and fascia.  What this means to you, is that it can create more long term results with pain and dysfunction than working directly on the soft tissue can. 

Structure dictates function.  Working on muscles without getting the structure balanced first would be like trying to put a new windshield on a car right after it has been totaled in an accident.  The frame of the car would need to be fixed first, in order for putting in a new windshield to make any sense.

Voila Method works on a very deep energetic and nervous system level. 

The benefit of Voila Method is that it can quickly find dysfunction causing pain and get it corrected.  The results can be long term for those with proper nutrition and exercise that is right for their body.

If you are getting traditional therapeutic massage for the same pain and symptoms every time that you go, your current treatments are NOT working.  I strongly disagree with what the massage profession teaches about how often you need to be worked on long term.  It is my opinion that traditional therapeutic massage keeps the client dependent on the therapist.  This has been my personal experience as a chronic pain client and my own clients were seeing me for the same problems without any long term relief before I learned Voila Method and neurokinetic therapy.  This does not mean that I am able to make guarantees for 100% of the population, but my own response to receiving these treatments is what sold me on wanting to learn how to do them.

With Voila, one simple correction can happen in just 3 breaths, making it easy to demonstrate during a 15 minute consultation.

Examples of the benefits of Voila Method:

I used it to address uneven hips, that were fixed by a chiropractor a few days before, and the hips were uneven again.  It took a few corrections to get them even again.  The person was told by their chiropractor that uneven hips can lead to thoracic outlet syndrome, which can cause loss of nerve function in the hands and fingers later on down the road.  The corrections were from the nose and the cranial bones on the right side of the head.  A massage would have done absolutely nothing for this.

Leg length differences have been corrected in as quickly as 3 breaths and have stayed corrected.  Leg length differences can cause a lot of hip, back, neck and shoulder pain.

A session of voila combined with meridian tapping got rid of chronic, years old, calf pain.

I have seen muscles that people have had to have massaged over and over again throughout the years, become functional again with quick, simple breathing and voila.

My own shoulder injury was corrected in 15 minutes.  I tried various therapies for it over the years with only minimal results.

I corrected a leg length difference in 15 minutes that years worth of manual therapy did not correct.

I was able to get an impinged shoulder to stop clicking after finding the source of dysfunction in the low back and correcting it.

I did a self assessment on myself and was able to get my core functioning properly is about 1 minute.  My low back pain was gone and my yoga practice was easier, especially the balancing poses.

Someone told me that her restless leg syndrome was gone after one Voila treatment.

I have had a slight hitch in my hips and pelvis for years that no one has been able to figure out or fix. It felt like a very slight leg length difference and it caused me a lot of pain and problems.  A combination of doing meridian tapping, reiki and voila on myself got rid of it. 

The right corner of my mouth a had a slight droop for the past couple of years, making it a challenge to play my clarinet.  A combo of self Voila and facial exercises brought it back and has made playing my clarinet easier again.

I had repetitive stress injuries from playing clarinet as a music major in college.  I took my clarinet with me to my Voila session so the therapist could assess while playing.  A couple of gentle corrections later, the pain in my right thumb and right elbow was gone, my fingers naturally played more effortlessly as if they were floating and my sound was more clear.  Took my clarinet to the next session, even though I felt fine and she could not find any needed corrections.  These sessions were a month apart from each other and the corrections stuck.


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