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Covid-19: What I recently learned in a lecture from a naturopathic physician

This information is a summary of what I learned in a one day lecture about what covid-19 does to the body.  The information that I am sharing, is for your information only and not intended as advice.  

  • Covid-19 is tricky enough to hide from the immune system.  A substance in the cells, called immunoglobulin A, normally shows up right away in other viruses.  It doesn't show up until later with covid-19 and the consequences can be devastating. 
  • The cells normally have tags on them to fight off viruses.  Covid-19 removes these tags.
  • How someone recovers from covid-19 has nothing to do with how weak or strong their immune system is.  How someone recovers from covid-19 has to do with what is called cytokinetic storm, or regulation of inflammation.  There is no way to predict this and it is not something that can be tested.  The doctor said that most of the covid-19 deaths are among the fit and healthy. 
  • Covid-19 is spread the most among  asymptomatic carriers.  Compared to the flu and measles, the flu and measles don't become contagious until the person is experiencing symptoms.  
  • Aerosols are tiny enough to stay in the air between 14 hours - 21 days, without proper filtration.  
  • Fecal shedding is more contagious than aerosols and stays in the air much longer.  This means that breathing in someone else's poop after they have used to the bathroom, is more contagious than aerosols.  HEPA has been proven to work.  Everyone that I personally know, who had someone in their family with covid-19 and successfully didn't pass it on, all had one thing in common: more than one bathroom.  The sick person had their own bathroom.  My husband and I have one bathroom, but there is a window right next to the toilet. And we would obviously disinfect the toilet bowl.
  • Different surfaces hold onto aerosols longer than other surfaces, with metals holding on to them the longest, which is what door handles are made of.  Disinfectants only work on clean surfaces that have been washed down with soap and water first.  I have a spray bottle with water and anti bacterial hand soap in it.  I clean off my door handles with that first and then do it over again with disinfectant.  Disinfectant also only works if it air dries or is left on for at least a minute or more, before drying it off.
  • The doctor did state that thinking you will be fine if you catch covid-19, because you are fit and healthy, is ignorance.  He said there is no way to predict how the inflammation will regulate per person.  He said that how each person does has to do with something called ACE and there is no way to know how much ACE everyone has in their body.
  • It is possible for anyone who had covid-19, no matter how mild of a case, to experience long term lung damage.  The reason why this can happen without obvious distress, is because it is NOT caused my lack of oxygen.  It is caused by elevated carbon dioxide.  
  • The doctor said if we were to do away with all restrictions and allowed everyone to catch it, in order to create herd immunity, that would mean over 20 million deaths in the United States alone, since at the time of that writing, 14% of the US population is reported to have been infected.  
  • The effects of the vaccines wear off FAST.  An example he gave was 92% when first fully vaccinated, 90% 30 days later, 85% 60 days later and 78% 90 days later, creating the need to keep our masks.

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