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Distance energy work for someone sick with covid-19. Just a little back story, I did learn some information about how covid-19 works on a cellular level and use that information to use kinesiology muscle testing to ask the body questions and balance it out with VOILA Method. (Disclaimer: this is NOT a substitute for medical care) Here is the client testimony:

Day 1) I am thinking all of that muscle pain was the beginning of it. Anyways, I woke up to 102 temp, headache, chills, etc,

Day 2) Hi! I just got up from a 2 hour nap. I actually feel really good. I feel like I have a mild cold in my nose and a mild cough.

Day 3) Update on my 3rd day of Covid.. I have no symptoms. Normal temperature and no cold like symptoms! I feel great! Thank you for your Voila and Reiki.

--Teresa V.

Distance Voila testimonial: Great news.... a little at a time after last night I was finally able to move the toes on my right foot after a year. This is also moving a muscle that has been frozen for about a year.... it is like a new toy I started playing with and ooh it is so nice moving those toes !!!! Thank-you !!!! You did a miracle ! Last night after we talked I stretched and got a tiny bit of movement in my little got my attention and I was so happy that I kept trying to wiggle it...and then stop. ....then try again... by this morning I was wiggling three small toes and then went to sleep. I showed my husband a little bit ago and flex all my toes on my right foot plus flexing a muscle that has been frozen for about a year or so in my leg...

--Deborah W.

My shoulder has been 175% better since you did the deep tissue in the voilà! It's amazing the difference!

--Jodi H.

For the past few weeks I have been in a lot of pain. It is from weather, more movement that normal ect ect however me being and not living in excuses decided to seek out a friend Christine Baker Lmt for massage therapy she did instead a new technique (neurokinetic therapy) that was in short a miracle for me. I was in so much pain it made me weak in the knees. I am now walking just fine and almost pain free ( other than the muscles being a little sore normal) Thank You so much for a an awesome job!!! Already working on getting more movement in this cold weather.

--Bridget M.

I had a wonderful Neurokinetic therapy treatment from Christine Baker Lmt. I'm quite impressed by how I feel!

--Mary D.

How a client said that she responded from craniosacral therapy for traumatic brain injury: I wanted to share my experiences with you...feel free to copy and paste if you want... I have had unexpected energy today! I actually took a power walk..something I do in nice weather, but haven't had the inclination to do for a while. i also had motivation to accomplish some tasks around the house today..My thought process is dramatically improved!! I actually set goals and achieved mosts of them today! I will definitely set at least one more appointment..and possibly a regular massage appointment...this neck stuff is annoying.LOL..I want to thank you!! I will always believe in the healing power of energy. I will share my experiences with anyone who asks...Love ya!!

--Jodi H.

Christine is among the most intuitive massage therapists I have had the pleasure of working with. She is highly knowledgeable and continually seeks information to improve her services. Unlike many massage therapists, Christine understands that individual clients have different needs. She takes the time to understand each client's physical challenges and pain sources. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone seeking pain relief.

--Lee R.

I haven't been able to stand up this easily in a couple of years. I slept for like 3 hours too.

--Michelle K.

If you aren't familiar with CranioSacral Therapy, do yourself a favor and ask Chris about it. Better yet, go in for a session with her. It's an incredibly powerful form of bodywork - sort of like a cross between Reiki and massage. Chris combines her skill at CST with her intuition, her compassion, and a wonderful sense of humor to make a fantastic healer. I can't recommend her highly enough. :)

--Melanie S.

Chris is not only a friend, but definitely my massage therapist of choice! She doesn't go just "by the book", but has an intuitive feel/knowledge of where to to her work & what causes the problems, as well as how to "fix" them. She's the best!

--Kelly B.

I went to see Christine for some pain management issues and she was able to get to the root of the problem and tie it back to some ancestral stuff. Very helpful and allowed me to release and resolve some old karmic energies. Thank you so much!

--Jenny S.


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