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How to get the most out of your sessions

1)  Understand that healing is a process and everyone's body is different.  People often ask me in their first session, before the session has started, where we go on the future sessions.  I never know this ahead of time since I follow you and how your body responds to treatment.


2) Show up with an open mind, open heart and no expectations.  Be open to everything and anything in regard to techniques and modalities.  I focus on symptom relief, rather than the road to get there.  Even I don't always know ahead of time which of my therapies or blend of therapies I will be using prior to a session.  I follow you.  I follow how your body responds to what I am doing.  I follow what you tell me about your history.  By following your body and allowing your body to take the lead, this can often mean changing your plan of care mid session.


3) Take control of your wellness.  Be your own advocate.  This means understanding that 10% of your progress is what happens during the session and the rest of the 90% is what you are doing to maintain results in between appointments.  As therapists, we do not "fix" anyone.  We facilitate by getting the process started.  For example, with neurokinetic therapy, I can get a dysfunctional muscle functioning again.  But I can't keep it functioning after you leave.


4) Show up for yourself.  This can mean lifestyle changes in order to maintain results.  Examples could mean making the time to lay on an inversion board, making time for exercise, etc.  I have never seen anyone who doesn't exercise maintain treatment results.  My goal for you is to help you find long term solutions for your chronic pain, if possible. 


5) Allow.  Healing has ups and downs.  People often feel worse before they feel better, especially after a first session with a new therapist.  This is normal.  It is your body adjusting.


6) Realize that this is an active session with participation on your part.  I will be giving you cueing on how to resist me during muscle testing, I will be cueing you on certain breathing techniques and hip rocking, etc.  This can involve putting you into various positions. Some treatments and assessments are done seated, standing, walking as well as lying down.  This involves two way communication between the two of us. Active participation on your part is the real secret behind helping you get long term results. 


7) Last, but not least.  The techniques and modalities are chosen by me when you are a new client.  This is how I am able to give you my best.  I choose based on what you tell me about your history.  The more I know, the better I am able to serve.  There are times when the session doesn't even go as I planned since I listen to your body.  There have been times when I planned on a physical assessment, just for the reiki energy to keep going the whole time and it would turn into a reiki session.  People who see me have said that is what they like about me since they have never had good results from "inside the box" therapies that are always pre planned in advance. 


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