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Covid-19 reopening protocols


Read  all of these policies, before contacting me! Long covid is no joke and I know plenty of healthy vaccinated people with long covid.

Good quality KN 95 or N 95 masks are required with 100% NO exceptions.  I do keep KN 95 masks on hand if you don't have any or forget to bring it.  Cloth masks and paper surgical masks are NOT acceptable, since aerosols can still get through them.  The mask must properly fit and seal mouth, nose and chin and stay on throughout the duration of your visit.  I have to wear a child size, since the adult do not give me a proper seal.  My regulars who have been supporting me during the pandemic, have made it clear, that they are only continuing to come after I completely re-open, with good quality mask requirement in place.  I do offer distance energy work to those who prefer not to come in person.  Some people having long haul symptoms are why I will never budge a single inch on these policies. 

I have a HEPA  in my room.  I turn it on as soon as I arrive and put it on a 2 hour timer upon leaving.  There is also an air purifier in the lobby and the bathroom.  I am in a shared suite with other offices.  I am the only business there who wears a mask and requires it from clients, so you will be walking into a building with people walking around without masks.  

I have been using disposable sheets and a non-permeable barrier underneath.  I do have a table warmer under that that does work through that.  Since I work on people fully clothed, some people occasionally ask for a blanket.  I only have one blanket and obviously can't wash in between clients.  If this is an issue for you, you may bring your own blanket, preferably washed before coming. 

I do clean and disinfect high touch surfaces.  If you arrive way early before your appointment and come into the lobby upon your arrival, they won't be cleaned and sanitized yet.

If you or anyone in your household tests positive for covid, you must wait at least a minimum of two weeks, to come in and test negative with a doctor provided PCR test.  The only negative test results I accept, are from PCR tests given by doctors.  Medical personnel have told me that rapid at home tests are known for giving false negatives.  If you are sick with anything, covid or not, it is against Ohio law to massage sick people, since it spreads fluids around and makes you sicker.  You do need to be completely recovered and not still be on the mend, to come in.  Before covid hit, people were coming in with sniffles and coughing, telling me they were past being contagious.  Umm, NO!!!!!!!!!!  Do NOT do that!  If you do, you will be sent home. Your system needs time for rest and recovery.

Despite the recent change in CDC deciding to eliminate self isolation after testing positive, the rules in my office are still at least two weeks.  Receiving soft tissue therapy when weak or ill can spread it around your body and make the symptoms worse, which is why receiving massage services while sick is out of scope of practice in Ohio.

If you have had covid-19, that can sometimes contraindicate manual therapy.  If you have previously had covid-19, you should get your d-dimer tests and any doctor recommended advice and medications taken, before you schedule appointments with me.  The reason why this is, is because over clotting contraindicates manual therapy.  A study about post covid outcome: post covid outcomes


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